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AR15 Wooden Shipping Crate
  • AR15 display case and wood crate
  • AR15 shipping crate
  • AR15 wooden shipping crate

AR15 Wooden Shipping Crate


This AR15 Wooden Shipping Crate is made of pine wood. The crate sports that rustic look with minor sanding, screw heads displayed, military-style spray-painted letters, and rope handles.

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AR15 Wooden Shipping Crate

The AR15 Wooden Shipping Crate from Topnotch Woodworks is the way to display your rifle in an authentic military style shipping crate. Can be customized to match rifle logos from across the world.

This AR15 Wooden Shipping Crate is handcrafted right here in the USA by a former 20 year USAF Veteran. Built in knotty pine lumber and unvarnished, this crate holds your rifle, bayonet, and two magazines.

Display area dimensions are 13 1/2 x 40.

We can customize the design just about any way you would like, making it completely to your design. You design the interior and exterior and we will ensure you will have a Topnotch AR15 Wooden Shipping Crate ready for display.

Ships with a random serial number and AR15 painted letters on the side. We can change the logo to match any rifle maker or unit.

**Display crate is NOT a “Security Safe”, but merely a way to display your weapon. It is YOUR responsibility to secure all weapons and keep them SAFE and out of the hands of anyone not trained to handle them.

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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 6 in


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