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chiselsLocated in rural Elysburg, Pennsylvania, our company is family-owned and -operated. Ken Schetroma is the owner and general manager of Topnotch Woodworks. He is strongly committed to providing our customers with high-quality merchandise, reliable shipping, and top-notch service!

Ken retired from active duty in 2004 with 20 years of honorable service in the USAF as a Carpenter / Mason. Woodworking has been Ken's hobby since age 12. While stationed at Kadena AB in Okinawa, Japan in 1996, he renewed his skills and interests in woodworking with a part-time job in a wood hobby shop. One day a fellow Airman requested a shadow box, was pleased with Ken's craftsmanship, and ordered another. Word must have spread, because a Marine soon entered the shop wanting a third case. Ken began thinking that creating specialized display cases for all military branches could be a suitable business after retirement.

While writing a performance report for one of his troops in 1998, he happened to end it describing “a top-notch Airman.” In a bolt from the blue, the name for his soon-to-be company, Topnotch Woodworks, was born. Some folks laughed at the idea, and told him “it will never work” or “you’re crazy!” But his desire and dedication to his work were relentless. Aspiring to become the very best at his craft and to never give up, he has taken Topnotch from its humble beginnings to an international business, with 2021 marking its 23rd year in business.

His shadowboxes and other woodwork is displayed in thousands of homes across the United States and the world. They have been in and on numerous military aircraft and ships. They have been to almost every military installation in the world, including war zones! Some have shown up in the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, the Surgeon General's office, and even a few on TV network news channels and nationally known newspapers.

Ken appreciates the greatest men and women in our Armed Forces and Uniformed Services, Civilians, First Responders, and past and present Veterans for helping him accomplish his dream. We enjoy crafting our products for you, and hope you'll enjoy your case for many years to come. We always strive to make Topnotch Woodworks your first choice for the best display cases and mounting services.

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Also, check us out on Facebook to take a closer look at some daily operations in the shop, many of the unique items that come through the doors, several of our happy customers posing with shadow boxes … and even our little mascot, “Ace the Koozie,” in his adventures as a world traveler!

Ace spends his days overseeing the Topnotch operations … when he actually shows up, anyway. But he prefers hanging out with our visitors and taking selfies with friends old and new. This happy-go-lucky dude seems to slip aboard every shipment out of HQs, offering questionable security and mooching beverages from our customers.

Since somebody should keep an eye on this crazy uncle of the Topnotch family, we encourage you to send us your photos of Ace -- whether they’re with your new Topnotch shadowbox, at your unique location, or with your comrades and other VIPs and celebrities.