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2 Flag Military Shadow Box

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The 2 Flag Shadow Box from Topnotch Woodworks is the perfect shadow box to display any combination of 2 flags and memorabilia!

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2 Flag Military Shadow Box

The 2 Flag Shadow Box from Topnotch Woodworks is the perfect shadow box to display any combination of 2 flags and memorabilia!

This 2 Flag Shadow Box is handcrafted, right here in the USA by a former 20 year USAF Veteran. Built in a choice of different hardwoods and finished natural or a stain of your choice. The 2 Flag Shadow Box holds flags up to 3' X 5'.

Background colors include blue, red, green or black.

Display area dimensions are 26 x 22, mounting bracket included.

We can mount just about anything you would like, making the lower compartment completely to your design. You design the interior; we will mount, clean and seal up the case ensuring you will have a Topnotch 2 Flag Shadow Box ready for presentation.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 25 × 5 in


  1. Good afternoon Ken, I received the shadow box today. It looks great. Thank you for your quality work and patience!

  2. Ken, Thank you! It came out great! I’ll send a pic from the ceremony.

  3. Ken, I love it! Looks amazing. Thanks so much, great job!!
    v/r, Noëlle

  4. Ken, Your hard work was definitely appreciated by myself and my coworkers. I’ll definitely keep you on speed dial if I need anything!!

  5. It’s perfect Ken, thank you!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Received, looks great, thank you! Kellee

  7. Thank you Sir, as always we appreciate everything you do for us!

  8. It’s perfect! Thanks Ken! Impressive work. And good call on SPC overlap!

  9. Ken, Case is fantastic! Thank you again!

  10. Good morning Ken; WOW! So much appreciate your prompt attention to this order.
    Sincerely, Dave Cobler

  11. Hi Ken, Happy to report that the box arrived today and it looks great!!! Thanks much, will be sure to send a photo after we present it next week.

  12. Very cool!!! Looks nice! Thank you, Ken!
    Best regards,

  13. Awesome, thanks Ken, I really appreciate all the help!

    V/R Nate

  14. It looks great Mr. Ken! You will be hearing from me in the future for my CDR.
    Talk to you soon and Thank You!

  15. Brother, I’m going to love it! You are the man. I’ve been the project officer and ordered a couple shadow boxes for several other people and yours were always the best I’ve ever seen. It’s surreal that you made me one. Thank you again. Matt

  16. Ken, Thank you so much for your help on this and all the great work you do!

    LT Josh McElhaney
    USCG Sector Puget Sound

  17. Ken, Just want to say thanks again for your work on my shadow box. It’s made an awesome addition to my office.
    Be well!

  18. Good morning. I just received a Coast Guard Display case for a retirement and it looks great. Andy

  19. Hello Ken, We received the shadowbox today for A.J. Matthews. It looks amazing, thanks for the good work!
    SK1 Chad Gable
    Sector Lower Mississippi

  20. Gday ken, Merry christmas and happy new year from Australia. Beautiful bit of work!!! I’m out in the bush for another 6 days for work but as soon as I get back to town I’ll get some photos straight out to ya!
    Phil Goda
    Sent from my iPhone

  21. Thanks again for everything Ken. You always come through when needed and provide the best shadow boxes for lasting memories.

  22. Awesome, thanks! I really like it !!! Terence Williams

  23. Sir, you are so right – it IS spectacular! Thank you so much! I will think of your excellent work for years to come.
    Stay in good health!

  24. Ken, Wow, Case looks great!!! Thank you, Mark

  25. Good evening sir, Thanks for everything and I will definitely be using your services again.
    Regards, Chris

  26. Ken, Box arrived today, looks great and I really appreciate the quick turnaround.
    Appreciate the work, I am looking forward to presenting it as a gift.

  27. Ken, The case looks fantastic! Thank you again for working with us and doing such an amazing job.

  28. Ken, Awesome! Thank you for the quick turnaround!
    R/ Chris Brock

  29. Ken, Got the box today, looks great! Thanks for all the help!
    – Chris

  30. Case looks sharp! So glad the backing is in red!!! Looks fabulous. Thank you very much Ken, will definitely recommend you and your business!

  31. Ken, Thank you! I’m extremely amazed how fast that shipping was. Senior Chief chose the right vendor. Hope you have a great day.
    Thanks, Chris

  32. Case looks Top Notch Ken! Thank you so much…Paul will be proud. Btw I love cold beer, and thanks for the Kozzies! Jake

  33. Ken, Awesome. Looks great. We will take pics and share. Appreciate you working with me.

  34. Ken, I love it! Thank you so much!

  35. Solid work on an outstanding shadow box. The pride in your work is immediately apparent. You have assisted me with packing up and putting a nice bow on a chunk of my life that had not felt “finalized”. Now it does.

  36. Ken, Finally got the opportunity to give it to my Mom. She was taken back and in tears, she really appreciated it. It was a pleasure to hear her tell the stories behind each medal. Thank you for your help in making this special moment. God Bless You and hope you have a Merry Christmas! Thank you, Nicholas Bray

  37. Ken, I love it!

  38. Thank you so much! Happy holidays.
    Sent from my iPhone

  39. Thanks Ken, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  40. Hey Ken, My brother didn’t cry but came very close. He loved it. Thanks again, Lou

  41. Ken, I just received the order, it looks GREAT, thank you very much! Our retiring officer will be extremely honored and appreciative. Take care! Respectfully, Scott

  42. Ken, The frame is perfect. Administration here on campus is very pleased.
    J.T. Douglas
    Indiana University Alumni Association

  43. Ken, It looks AMAZING! OOH RAH!
    Thank you again!

  44. Ken, Received the shadow box. Words can’t express how awesome it turned out. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and craftsmanship in making this for my wife.
    Sent from my iPhone

  45. Ken, Looks Awesome. Thank you!!! I have already recommended you to a few others. Told them to mention my name.
    Thank you again! Cort

  46. Ken, Case looks fantastic! Thank you!
    Very Respectfully,

  47. Ken, Thank you for helping us out with meeting our deadline. It was a pleasure talking with you.

  48. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much, Ken!

  49. Wow! Thank you so much sir, much appreciated. Maraming salamat po! Jessica

  50. Ken, Case came out awesome! I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Looking forward to presenting it and I know he’s going to love it.
    Pumped for those koozies! Love those things. Looking forward to working with you again.

  51. Thank you for all your help Ken. Service has been a perfect 10!
    Have a great week, Bruce

  52. Looks amazing!

  53. Good Afternoon Ken, I received the shadow box today and it looks awesome. Thanks, Kary Gipson

  54. Ken,
    Just received the order from last week, as always it came out great!
    And thank you for the kozzies, It’s now the best looking one I have!

  55. Ken, It looks great. Thanks for your service. I know Darin will be proud to display it. Sylvia

  56. Ken, The box is beautiful! Thank you so much. I will keep your information for the future. It is amazing!
    Princess D. Jackson, Ph.D.
    Regional Administrator
    Health Resources and Services Administration

  57. Loved the Box, plenty of room to either fill it with medals or keep it clean and simple.

  58. Ken, Those cases are sweet ! Nice work, the officers will be quite pleased.
    Thanks, Todd
    ICE Health Service Corps
    Northwest Detention Center

  59. Ken, Got it. It’s AWESOME! Thanks! Bob

  60. Ken, The 2 flag shadow box works great and looks nice Thanks, Mike

  61. Ken, Received the package and the box and contents look very nice. Thanks.
    –Don Witters

  62. That is amazing! Thank you for the great work!

  63. Good morning Ken, You are amazing. I truly appreciate your time and speedy effort. Thank you very much and thank you for your service.
    Jason Cody
    Sent from my iPhone

  64. Ken, It arrived and looks great! Thanks! Todd

  65. Ken, Received the shadow box today… is terrific! Your work is even better than advertised. Great job – Thank you. Skip Lare

  66. Hello Ken, I just received the shadow box it’s beautiful thank you again! Sincerely, Jessica C. San Roque

  67. Ken, love the shadow box. Got the flags in last night. I don’t have a way to sneak his medals out. but we will have fun finishing it together.
    Can’t wait to givie it to him. Thank you Angie

  68. Ken, The shadow box came last night. It was undamaged and it looks terrific. Wife posted the picture on Facebook today and all our friends love it. Thanks again for the great job!
    Lt. Jason Keckler
    Frederick Police Department

  69. I received the shadow box, it looks great, thanks for the quick turn around. Kristina

  70. Thank you! Got it late last night. Working on lining up the stuff. Should have it done tonight. The box looks great! Nick

  71. Ken – I received the package. It looks great. Thank you very much. Kirk

  72. Ken, Many thanks! I know you said you routinely do “rush” orders, but I appreciate your help getting this done and out on time! Thanks, and take care…we’ll probably be in touch next summer! Kevin

  73. Ken, Rcvd thank you will send picture once complete.

  74. Ken, Looks freaking AWESOME! Great job. Thanks again. Jim

  75. Ken, Received the box and it looks great! Thanks again for your work on this. I know my boss will be pleased.
    Take care, Kathy

  76. Ken, I received the box last night as promised, WOW it looks great!!. It was a pleasure dealing with you and look forward to talking with you again, Thanks for turning it around, Cheers, V/R, Jim

  77. Mr. Ken,

    I received the shadowbox, etched plate and flag. Thank you so much. Thank you!

    V/R Kimmie

  78. Perfect!!!
    Thank You Ken.

  79. Ken, I received my shadow box yesterday and it looks awesome! Tracy

  80. Ken, We just did Captain Dardis’ retirement ceremony this week, and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the Captain was extremely pleased with your quality work you did on the box and the layout. Thanks again for all your hard work and professional craftsmanship to ensure the Captain has a shadow box containing his career achievements and great memories to look back on. Respectfully, Jeff

  81. Happy Friday Ken! Super excited as I have received the second shipment (loved your note on it) and it is indeed “perfect!” Linda

  82. Ken, the Shadowbox looks GREAT!

  83. Received the shadow box today. In perfect condition. Thank you so much! It’s beautiful!
    Health & Happiness, ~Sara Gain~

  84. Ken, Frye’s shadow box was awesome. He loved it. We have someone else getting ready to retire and will be looking for some more of your craftsmanship in the near future. v/r, LT Trey Jones

  85. Awesome Ken! Looks beautiful!

  86. Ken, My ceremony was last Friday and my shadowbox turned out beautiful!! I love it. Thank you so much! Stay warm, Kilohana

  87. Hi Ken,
    Thank you very much for your support with my Air Force retirement shadow box! The final result is outstanding!
    Besides supplying me with the shadowbox you also instructed me on how to fold the flags to get them into
    the case and provided me with an example to assist me in coming up with my own design. Thanks again for
    serving fellow Veterans by providing quality products which they can use to highlight their service!
    Respectfully, Jon

  88. Ken, Case looks great! I’m sure she will be ecstatic! Thanks again for everything and Happy Holidays!

  89. Ken, Just received the case and it is even nicer than expected. You do great work and I will
    ensure to pass along your information to others. Again, great work! – Kyle

  90. Ken, The shadow box was awesome, MGuns shed some tears when the unit presented it to him.
    Again, good work like you always do. Thanks brother. GYSGT DENNIS M JONES, JR

  91. Ken, the box arrived safely today… one word, sweet! You mounted the flags perfectly and the
    craftsmanship is superb. Well done! I’ll call for insider info on how to mount the gear inside. Thanks much. Mark

  92. Ken, Wow, it looks phenomenal! Thanks, Edwin

  93. Hey Sir, Just wanted to let you know I got the shadow box. It looks great.
    Will be sending more business your way. Thanks, RANDALL L. CARTER

  94. Awesome, Looks great! Thank you Ken for all your help. Lee

  95. I received the shadow box today and it looks phenomenal! Thank you so much. I know that this
    memento will be extremely special for CDR Nunes.
    Heather….. USCG Sector San Juan

  96. Hi Ken, Received the box. It’s fantastic. I love it. Thanks, Jennifer

  97. Ken, Another fantastic job, I hope your still in business when I retire! Anthony

  98. Ken, Awesome work!! It looks great! V/R SK1 Carruth

  99. Ken, This case looks great! Thank you for your talents and efforts!! Don

  100. Thank you – The shadow box turned out very, very nice! I know RADM Bailey loved it and I heard
    many compliments about it. Vicky
    Department of Homeland Security, South Texas Detention Complex – Pearsall

  101. Ken, It looks awesome! Thanks sooooo much. I didn’t expect it be as big as it is.
    Very nice. Very Respectfully, YN1 S. Edward Brooks

  102. Ken, The box is awesome! I will send you a picture of it being presented
    during the retirement May 13th. Thanks Brother!

  103. ABSOLUTELY outstanding service! I can’t even begin to say enough about the professionalism,
    and even sense of urgency that I witnessed. In a last minute crunch for one of my Marines
    who was EASing, it was difficult enough to get all the supplies and funds, but when I came
    to Ken…he sprang into action and knocked it out of the park. This is by far the GO TO GUY
    when you want to show your appreciation for one of your own when the time comes to move
    on to the real world.
    Thanks again Ken and Semper Fidelis!

  104. Ken, Case looks amazing! Thank you so much for the beautiful work and the quick turnaround.
    I will be sure to recommend you for any future work. Very Respectfully, -Kevin

  105. Just got it, Ken! It’s absolutely PERFECT!!! Thank you so much! Brittany

  106. Ken, I just want to say thanks for an awesome job on the Shadow Box. Everyone loved it and
    the Navy Chief was overwhelmed by it. After seeing it he became very emotional to see his
    career wrapped in the Shadow box. I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding job you did.
    If there comes a time when I need another shadow box, you will be my only option. I’ve given
    your information out to the rest of my colleagues so they can distribute the info to their friends.
    Again, thank you very much. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Tre

  107. One word…WOW!!! It looks better than I imagined! Amazing work Ken!

  108. Beautiful job Ken! We are in the office packing the Surgeon General up, the staff LOVE the finished product. I promise to send the pictures to you next week. Thanks again! Christine

  109. Hi Ken, I just want to let you that I received the shadow box this morning!
    The engraved name plate looks great! Thanks so much! Kimberly

  110. Amazing! You’re the best Ken. I’ll be recommending you to anyone that needs a case. Bryan Alexander, MST1 MSD Humboldt Bay

  111. Ken, Thank you so much for the wonderful box. Everything arrived perfect, just as you
    promised and on time. It is beatiful! My wife will be very happy with this!

  112. Good Morning Ken, Thank you very much for the professional job you did constructing
    ETCS Davies’ Shadowbox. We are very happy with the final product. It was great doing
    business with you. I really appreciate how flexible you were with our last minute changes.
    I have already recommended you to two other people doing retirements this year.
    Keep up the great work! Very Respectfully, LTJG Robert Pickering

  113. Ken, My Dad loved it! A one of a kind. Your the best. I will defiately refer others to you. Thanks, Russ

  114. Hello Ken, I got the case in yesterday and it looks fantastic!!!!! Thanks for doing a TOPNOTCH Job! Ken

  115. Ken, Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend Topnotch Woodworks to everyone,
    you do beautiful work and have very fast efficient service. Thank You again!

  116. Ken, It just arrived and looks Fantastic!! Thank you for the great care and for the great job.
    I will let you know what my family thinks after this weekend, but it doesn’t matter because I think it’s superb! Ed

  117. Ken, I received the case today and it looks amazing. I hope you have received your coffee.
    Thanks for all the help and you will have business from the Aircraft Recovery shop for a
    long time. Ryan

  118. Ken, I got the box yesterday and, let me tell you, it looks great! Everyone who saw it today
    really liked it. I am sure it will be a great end to the ceremony tomorrow. Thanks and I
    look forward to working with you again in the future. v/r Capt M

  119. Ken, The case is awesome and everything went fantastic. I appreciate all your work on this
    and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for shadow boxes.
    Thanks again and have a great day. Dan Berry

  120. Ken, I just wanted to tell you that according to the audience (from the ohhsss and ahhhhhs),
    and according to my Colonel that it looked especially awesome under the lighting
    on the stage… I received nothing but praises from the attendees and staff, for acquiring
    that shadowbox. Captain Granger was most pleased. I just thought you’d enjoy hearing
    some praise for the work you do.
    Semper Fidelis,
    GySgt Cashen

  121. Ken, The case got here last week. It is everything I expected and more. It looks wonderful.
    He will certainly enjoy this for years to come. Thank You. Chris

  122. Ken, I just received the shadowbox today, it looks great. Thanks for all the effort in helping
    us get it so quick. I appreciated doing business with you. Thank you, Chris

  123. Ken, Thank you for everything you have done for us. We received the case today and it looks great!
    You have been a real big help so again, thank you. Stay in the fight, Sgt Juan L Fuentes, USMC
    Ken, Thank you for everything you have done for us. We received the case today and it looks great!
    You have been a real big help so again, thank you. Stay in the fight, Sgt Juan L Fuentes, USMC

  124. Thank you for the OUTSTANDING job you did on my husband?s shadow box. Everything from the design,
    craftsmanship and service was nothing less than “topnotch”!!! A million thanks for all your
    help in making my husbands retirement truly memorable.

  125. Ken, On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for the quality of the work you did on my fathers case. Thank you, again for a display that will bring my father fond memories and pride each time he views your work! Hernandez Family

  126. Just wanted to let you know that I have received the box, and it looks great. I’ll send you a picture
    from the presentation. Once again thank?s for all of your hard work and how quickly you were able
    to get this out to me. Thanks again, Diana

  127. Ken, The case arrived and it’s beautiful…My husband is retiring after 28 yrs in the USCG.
    I can’t wait to see the expression on his face when he sees all of his pins & bars displayed in it.
    I’m glad I ordered it from you!!! Thanks Again, Cecilia

  128. Ken, Got the box Friday–it’s fantastic. You do nice work. In fact, everybody who has seen it is interested where I got it, so I’ll forward your internet address around. Thanks for everything. Semper Paratus, Dean

  129. Ken, The box arrived in good condition. We got a lot of compliments on your mounting of the flags.
    I gave your internet site to co-workers and I will be contacting you again in the future for your services.
    Again, thanks for the quick turn around.

  130. Ken, I received the Shadow Box on Friday…It is Awesome!!!!!! V/r Doug

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