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USCG Cutter Shadow Box

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One of the best United States Coast Guard shadow boxes around! Flag case is designed to resemble the blue, white, red stripes of the USCG Cutter ships, along with the boat flag added showing the USCG shield.

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USCG Cutter Shadow Box

The United States Coast Guard Cutter Shadow Box from Topnotch Woodworks is the perfect shadow box to display any combination of 2 flags and memorabilia!

This USCG Cutter Shadow Box is handcrafted, right here in the USA by a former 20 year USAF Veteran. Built in a choice of different hardwoods and finished natural or a stain of your choice. The USCG Cutter Shadow Box holds 2 flags up to 3' X 5'.

Background colors include Racing Stripe, blue, red, green, and black.

Display area dimensions are 26 x 22, mounting bracket included.

We can mount just about anything you would like, making the display compartment completely to your design. You design the interior; we will mount, clean and seal up the case ensuring you will have a Topnotch USCG Cutter Shadow Box ready for presentation.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 25 × 5 in


  1. Ken, Shadow box arrived early and all is GOOD! Thanks for everything, Todd

  2. Case looks GREAT! Thank you so much for all the help. Sean

  3. Thanks Ken, the shadow box looks great! Mines next!!! Emily

  4. Case looks AMAZING!

  5. Ken, Thank you very much once again! I truly cannot thank you enough for doing this for us! Matt

  6. Ken, the work you did on my husbands shadow box was BEAUTIFUL! Thank you sooo much! Stacy

  7. Good Evening Sir, Thank you so much for the quick turn around! Very Respectfully, Sydney

  8. Looks GREAT!!! Thanks, Ken

  9. Ken, my shadowbox was a hit! Thank you for everything! Travis

  10. Case looks amazing Ken. Thank you.

  11. Good morning, Ken, we received the shadow box last week and everything looks great, thank you!
    Thanks Ken!
    SK2 Hazzard
    USCGC Forward

  12. Ken, Got the shadow box and it looks GREAT! Thank you for the hard work! Ceremony pic coming soon.
    Thank You Again, Travis

  13. Ken, Thank you – Shadowbox arrived safely and is beautiful!

  14. Good Morning Sir, We are in receipt of the shadowbox, it looked amazing!
    My best,
    LT Tim Veach

  15. I have seen so many of your shadow boxes and ya’ll do such beautiful work!

  16. WOW, Thank you! Shadow box looks Awesome!!! Jason

  17. Good morning Ken, Wow, what a great box!! You did such a great job! I can’t wait to start putting in together. Thanks again and I will definitely highly recommend that my fellow Warrants purchase their shadowbox through you.
    v/r, Tom

  18. I love the shadow box! Thx Ken

  19. Awesome. Thanks Ken

  20. Outstanding, Ken! Thanks again for your skill and craftsmanship! Rom

  21. Ken, Awesome. Thank you again for everything. Greatly appreciate your assistance.

  22. Ken,
    I cannot express enough how pleased and grateful I and my family are. Thank you so much for what you do. My dad opened the package and started to cry, he couldn’t stop crying and saying ” Wow!! This is great!” The craftsmanship is beautiful and so well made. A piece for generations to admire.
    Thank you again!
    Ms. Kelly

  23. Hi Ken, I Just received the shadowbox, safe and sound and just in time for the movers! 😀
    Thanks again for all your help and the box turned out so great – it’s exactly what I had hoped for!
    Amy Haas

  24. Ken, It looks great! Thank you for that.
    CS1 Michael Currence

  25. Ken, The shadow box make it with time to spare, and it looked amazing!! Everyone was extremely impressed when they saw it, and it meant a lot to our departing CO to receive such an amazing gift. Thank you again for making the box so quickly! I will definitely use your services again and I will make sure to refer you to anyone else who needs an amazing gift.
    Ed Kuster

  26. Looks awesome!! Thank you so much! Great job!

  27. Ken, Good morning. I received the shadow box. It looks great.

  28. Hi Ken, Case looks amazing!!!

  29. Ken, So awesome!!! Looks so good! I really appreciate you!
    Referring everyone I know to you! Angie
    Sent from my iPhone

  30. Case looks great! Thank you very much Ken!
    Appreciate your service!

  31. Ken, It Looks great! Thank you!! V/R, Devin

  32. That case is awesome Ken! I’m about to order another one here shortly!
    Thanks! Micah

  33. Ken, It looks great! It showed up perfect timing. MasterChief is happy with the product. Thanks again for everything!

  34. Ken, Case looks awesome! Better than I imagined. Thank you.

  35. Outstanding! You’re number 1 in my book Mr. Ken!!!!
    Take care! Angela

  36. Ken, Case is awesome! Thank you very much. I hope you are still making these when I retire!!
    Very Respectfully, Adam

  37. Ken, Shadow box received. It looks fantastic. Thank you, Chris

  38. Ken, Looks awesome!
    Very Respectfully,
    LTJG Nikolia Kruger
    Sector San Francisco

  39. Looks awesome bud, thanks!
    Sent from my iPhone

  40. Thank you Ken, It looks great, I appreciate your work in getting it done so quickly.
    Respectfully, David

  41. Ken, Just received the shadow box. Thank you.
    Very Respectfully, Eric

  42. Jon’s case looks awesome. I know where I’m purchasing mine when I retire!
    Thanks again Ken
    Sent from my iPhone

  43. Ken, I LOVE IT! It arrived just in time, in perfect condition. It received so many ooohhhs and aaahhhs at the ceremony, esp from the 2 2-star generals that were in attendance- “WOW, I’ve never seen a shadow box like that” said one of the Major Generals….
    Its perfect Ken- thanks for everything. I’ll def send the pics along when I get them.
    Thanks! Michael

  44. Ken, it looks great! Thank you again for working with us on all the details.
    Very Respectfully, Richard

  45. Mr. Ken, As promised, here are some pics of when I received my shadow box and beside one of our unit’s HH-65s. Thank you for the amazing work and for being so passionate about the work that you do. This is a piece of my life that will be displayed at my home for my family and friends to appreciate. Regards, Kelvin

  46. Ken, Received the shadowbox yesterday. Phenomenal work my friend! Ill certainly pass your contact info to anyone else interested. Thx for everything. Tim

  47. Ken, You are the man!!!!!! Can’t thank you enough!! Andy

  48. Hey Ken, Thanks again for everything. It came out perfect.
    V/R Mark

  49. Ken, My box arrived safe & sound, and looks great. Thanks again, Alan

  50. Wow, Ken, that’s the bomb! Looks great. Thanks for the nice job you did.
    I’m sure you will be getting some business after they see mine next month.
    Thanks again. Dan

  51. Ken, got it and it looks great. Thanks for your help!

  52. Ken, Got the shadow box today! It looks awesome, man…thanks for being so easy to work with and setting it up for us. I really appreciate it. Justin

  53. Ken, The shadow box looks freakin awesome! Can’t thank you enough! Chris

  54. Awesome Ken! I already have people looking over my shoulder at this case planning
    their shadow box for the future. I know for certain you will have a couple guys
    next year giving you a call from this shop to get you to do theirs. I can’t wait
    to proudly hang that on my wall at the house for many years to come of enjoyment.

  55. Ken, Received the shadow box. Initial inspection reveals exemplary work. Thank you. r/Earl

  56. I got the shadow box! It came on Friday. It looks great! Thank you so much
    for your excellent service I will be sure to pass on your info. Diana

  57. Ken, The case looks absolutely outstanding!! V/R, -Chris

  58. Hi Ken, The case came into my office yesterday. Looks great and very distinguished
    with the CG stripes and white nylon line (which stikes a cord for everyone who has
    been on ships and at boat stations – we use that every day). Many thanks again,
    hope you are feeling 100%! Wish us luck!
    V/R, LT Kris Leverich (rpa) United States Coast Guard

  59. IT1 Cacace’s shadow box has been received. Ken, It Looks Sharp! V/r ITC Don Mullins

  60. In 25 years of going to other retirements, I finally found a different shadow box,
    and one that totally screams, “USCG.” I am proud to have it on my wall. It’s well made,
    rock solid, a great finish, the flag mounting was perfect, and it even had enough
    room for all the awards and medals. Thank You, JD

  61. Ken, Your Shadow Box was a hit. It was Topnotch. Thanks for all your understanding
    on the importance of getting this completed. I will send you some pictures in the
    next couple of days. Respectfully, Ken Cass, BMCS

  62. Hello Ken, I got the shadow box today and it looks great! Great job mounting the boat flag too! Melissa

  63. Ken, I received the shadowbox. It looks awesome!!! Thanks so much for everything and I will definitely recommend your services in the future!! It was great working with you.
    Jacquie Gemar

  64. Ken, what an impressive shadow box you put together! Received countless compliments from our officers and crew. Everyone loved having the U.S. flag and Coast Guard ensign in the box. I would recommend your services and this product to anyone looking for a great way to honor a retiring Coast Guard member!

  65. Ken, Thanks for making us a great case, our Chief loved it! He thought it was pretty cool that you were able to use the CG colors for the back round. Thanks Again Michelle

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