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USN / USCG Enginemen Shadow Box
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USN / USCG Enginemen Shadow Box

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The USN / USCG Enginemen Shadow Box is the perfect choice for Engine Mechanics who would like to display their memorabilia in a unique way. This shadow box is handmade from Red Oak.

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The USN / USCG Enginemen Shadow Box is the perfect one for Engine Mechanics who would like to display their memorabilia in a unique way. This shadow box is handmade from Red Oak. Outside diameter of the globe is 28", with a spacious inside diameter of 18 1/2". Truly an Engineman's ultimate retirement gift!

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 in


  1. Ken, Thanks for the assist and prompt service! Very Respectfully, Chad

  2. Ken, I like it!!! The case is Awesome!! Jared

  3. Ken, SHadow box looks GREAT! Thank you again so much. SK2 Incremona

  4. Good afternoon Ken, Received my shadow box today. Thanks for the great work you do! This thing is Amazing!

  5. Ken, Box came in and in great shape! Fantastic box. Thanks a ton brother!

    Yokosuka Naval Base

  6. Ken, Thank you so very much! I greatly appreciate you. Have a wonderful Christmas and Blessed new year. Justine

  7. Simply one word………….AWESOME!!! Mike

  8. Amazing craftsmanship! This shadow box is definitely one I’m proud to hang on my wall and show off. You do amazing work Ken, thanks so much!!

  9. Ken, You nailed once again thank you! John

  10. Thank you Ken through all of this, not too many people are like you, hope to see you in Alaska some time. Marc

  11. Ken, I got the shadow box today and it’s beautiful !!!! Thank you so much !!!

  12. Received this amazing shadow box from my wife at my retirement ceremony last week. Myself and everyone that’s seen it is breathless! Thank you for your expert craftsmanship and attention to detail! I’ll be sure to pass on your information to friends and family!
    MK1 Sean Dodd,
    Station Neah Bay

  13. Thanks Ken! We appreciate your help and expert craftsmanship!
    V/r, Caleb

  14. Ken, I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the shadow box. Its what I was hoping it would be. I appreciate your hardwork and I cant wait to show it off at my ceremony today. Best wishes, Len

  15. Sir, meant to send you this a little while ago.
    Awesome work. Thank you!
    Coast Guard Station Ponce De Leon Inlet, FL.

  16. Good Morning Mr. Ken,
    I would like to thank you once again! It was a pleasure working with you. We received the shadowbox today. Thank you for your great craftsmanship and
    your speedy delivery! On behalf of my unit, Sector Field Office Atlantic City we truly appreciate it! Have a wonderful day sir!
    GMC T Usry
    SFO Atlantic City

  17. Ken, Just received the shadow box. It looks great!! Tom will be proud to hang this on his wall.
    I will call again soon….as my senior chief will be retiring in June/July.

  18. Ken, Thank you for the OUTSTANDING job you did on my display!!!!!! It was a great way for me to end my career going out with a “Topnotch” case like this. Take care and Best Wishes, Scott

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